Author Topic: August 9th, 2011: Adiabat_1ph version 3.0  (Read 479989 times)


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August 9th, 2011: Adiabat_1ph version 3.0
« on: August 09, 2011, 08:29:58 am »
Version 3.0 was posted on August 7th 2011.

Adiabat_1ph 3.0 includes, for the first time, an option to double-click the run_adiabat.command script and to drag and drop file names from a browser (e.g. Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac). We have also incorporated and adapted the reverse fractionation and amoeba routines from Cooper et al., (2004). These and other changes are described in Antoshechkina and Asimow (2010) and Antoshechkina et al., (2010).

The menu options, output files and documentation have been completely overhauled so that the software is significantly more user-friendly. As this is at the expense of backwards compatibility we will continue to support Adiabat_1ph 2.X for foreseeable future and will provide selected updates for bug-fixes, but not new features. We will also be happy to help you in converting your settings and input files from Adiabat_1ph 2 for use in Adiabat_1ph 3.

An Adiabat_1ph 3 version of the 'Quick start using MELTS' tutorial and an update for Adiabat_1ph 2 (v.2.0.2) will be posted in the next few days.

Adiabat_1ph 3 is a major release... I apologize for the delay in getting it finished but thank you for your patience!

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