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A text-based front end to the MELTS family of algorithms

α alphaMELTS is a menu-driven interface to subroutine versions of the MELTS (Ghiorso & Sack, 1995), pMELTS (Ghiorso et al., 2002), and pHMELTS (Asimow et al., 2004) models of thermodynamic equilibrium in silicate systems. Formerly known as Adiabat_1ph (see here), it is described in a software brief in G-cubed (Smith & Asimow, 2005) and supplemented by an appendix (in Thompson et al., 2007) and two AGU abstracts (Antoshechkina & Asimow, 2010; Antoshechkina et al., 2010). The current version is 1.9 posted on August 30th, 2018. The next generation of alphaMELTS, which includes a standalone app, as well as versions for MATLAB and Python, is available on request. See the alphaMELTS 2 page for the latest news.

The software is available in compiled executable form for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux for 64-bit processors only (older versions are available for all machines in the alphaMELTS archive). Supplementary updates of the alphamelts executable, without the ancillary files, are sometimes provided for bug-fixes and new features. A lightweight Linux VirtualBox installation of alphaMELTS is available for 32-bit and 64-bit machines, and provides an alternative to installing Perl on Windows. As of July 2nd, 2020, VM alphaMELTS is now based on Lubuntu 18.04, and includes alphaMELTS 1.9, alphaMELTS 2 (beta), and much more. See the alphaMELTS download page for more information.

You are welcome to use and distribute the software, under the condition that you acknowledge all the contributors by citing the appropriate references with any results (see the How to cite alphaMELTS box on the alphaMELTS support page). If you have not already done so, please sign up with the MELTS Software Users Forum. If there are any problems with the registration process then do contact us. You can then log in using your forum account (see right) to access the software and installation instructions. For more information on the scope of the forum and the registration process, please see this introductory message.

The full alphaMELTS package also includes Perl scripts, documentation and examples files to help in running the alphamelts program. The Perl scripts can be invoked from the command line, allowing almost complete automation of the calculation process, if desired. The same scripts can also be double-clicked and filenames dragged and dropped from a browser (e.g. Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac) for an easy mode of operation that is suitable for teaching or quick ad hoc calculations. The most frequently updated alphaMELTS documentation is the online PDF version (the Firefox browser is recommended for opening the pdf online; otherwise right-click and choose 'Save As...' or similar).


MELTS logoKeep up to date with all software in the MELTS family (including MELTS for Excel, Rhyolite-MELTS, and alphaMELTS) on the MELTS Facebook page. Sign up for e-mail notification of future alphaMELTS releases on the forum, and follow us on twitter at MAGMA@Caltech for workshop announcements etc.

The The forum at Pomepeii MELTS Software Users forum includes introductory tutorials and supplementary information for alphaMELTS e.g platform-specific details and specialized examples. Other MELTS software such as the graphical user interface (GUI) and MELTS for Excel are also covered.

Perl logoalphaMELTS mostly requires the Perl program to be installed (in version 2 it is not necessary but helpful). Perl is included by default on Mac and Linux, and Windows 10's 'Windows Subsystem for Linux'. MATLAB also contains a small Perl installation on Windows, or Perl can easily be installed via Anaconda. Otherwise, for Windows users without admin access we recommend the portable version of Strawberry Perl 🍓


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