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α All questions, complaints and suggestions for improvement in the alphaMELTS software, documentation or website are welcome. Please post comments on the forum, or feel free to reach us via Facebook or using the contact link at the bottom of the page . Alternatively, contact details for individual MELTS developers can be found by following the links to the right. The alphaMELTS program and other MELTS software come with no warranty or explicit promise of support, but the authors will gladly answer questions and provide reasonable support when possible.

How to cite alphaMELTS... There may be others, depending on the exact calculation performed or the source and / or partition coefficients used (e.g. D = D(P,T,X)). See Smith & Asimow (2005) and documentation for fuller details.

Documentation and examples that should help in getting started with alphaMELTS are given on the far right. The MELTS camp presentations and exercises are an amalgation of more than one short course, and are rather old; newer materials from specific sessions are linked on the alphaMELTS archive page. You can search the forum for queries and examples (you only need to log in to post). Certain threads have been flagged as frequently asked questions or tutorial-style posts and we are gradually adding more. Bugs in the software or mistakes in the documentation that are not serious or have a reasonably simple workaround are listed below. They will be fixed in alphaMELTS 2, as appropriate.

Errata and bug fix details specific to alphaMELTS1.9 (last updated July 4th, 2020).


Photo of Paula AntoshechkinaPaula Antoshechkina – contact her for any type of query but particularly those related to alphaMELTS settings, input and output, installing / using Perl, and Windows operation; also questions about other MELTS software, including the rhyolite-MELTS GUI (especially on the WSL) and the Magma Chamber Simulator (see the LINKS tab for details).

Photo of Paul AsimowPaul Asimow – contact him with algorithm questions, especially those related to the pHMELTS model, subsolidus calculations, trace elements or other features not available in the GUI versions of MELTS.

Photo of Mark GhiorsoMark Ghiorso – contact him for details about the underlying MELTS and pMELTS models, as well as the newer rhyolite-MELTS plus mixed H2O-CO2 fluid variants, and other tools available on the ENKI and OFM websites (see the ABOUT US and LINKS tabs and the MAGMA links page for brief descriptions).

Warning sign iconIf you are having problems running alphaMELTS then please try to describe the calculation being attempted in some detail (e.g. include file and keyboard input and the messages or output you got, if any).


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