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The MELTS software program is a graphical user interface (GUI) for calculations using the MELTS and pMELTS thermodynamic models. It is available as a downloadable program for Mac and Linux machines and via web tools for all systems.

Rhyolite-MELTS has the same graphical user interface to MELTS and pMELTS but includes a modified version of the MELTS calibration, which gives more realistic results for hydrous, silicic magmas. It behaves identically to MELTS when quartz and alkali-feldspar are absent. Various improvements to the core algorithms in rhyolite-MELTS increase the stability of all calculations, including pMELTS ones. So, unless you are trying to recreate older calculations, we recommend you use the rhyolite-MELTS version where possible.

Links to MELTS software for each system:


PhasePlot is a new computational thermodynamics software package that allows rapid visualization of equilibrium phase relations in complex multicomponent systems. It uses the rhyolite-MELTS / pMELTS engine and is available for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later from the Mac App Store

The Phase Properties calculator (a.k.a. the MELTS Supplemental calculator) displays the thermodynamic properties of a phase at specified P and T. Composition may be entered as wt % oxides or mole fraction of end members. The CORBA Phase Prop applet is the most up to date version and covers a long list of solid and gaseous phases but only the older forms-based version includes the (MELTS) silicate liquid.

The JavaMELTS applet is deprecated but is the only graphical user interface to pMELTS available online; the accompanying calcMELTS phase properties applet contains all solid phases used in the MELTS and pMELTS calibrations.


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