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The original 'MELTS' software program was a graphical user interface (GUI) for calculations using the MELTS thermodynamic model (Ghiorso & Sack, 1995), and later also the pMELTS one (Ghiorso et al., 2002). Now named 'Rhyolite-MELTS', the GUI it is available as a downloadable program for Mac and Linux machines, including the 'Windows Subsystem for Linux' on Windows 10. MELTS for Excel provides an alternative for other Windows users (albeit with more limited functionality). Also linked here are ways to visualize phase relations and interrogate end-member properties for the MELTS family of models (and others), and tools that make running alphaMELTS or the Rhyolite-MELTS GUI more convenient.

Rhyolite-MELTS has the same graphical user interface to MELTS and pMELTS as the older MELTS GUI. Rhyolite-MELTS includes a modified version of the MELTS calibration, which gives more realistic results for hydrous, silicic magmas (Gualda et al., 2012), and an optional mixed H2O-CO2 fluid model (Ghiorso & Gualda, 2015). Rhyolite-MELTS behaves identically to MELTS when quartz and alkali-feldspar are absent; see the MELTS decision tree and explanation of rhyolite-MELTS versions. Various improvements to the core algorithms in rhyolite-MELTS increase the stability of all calculations, including pMELTS ones (see Ghiorso, 2013). So, unless you are trying to recreate older calculations, we recommend you use the latest version where possible.

Links to Rhyolite-MELTS GUI software for each system:

Other software and tools:


ENKI logo ENKI is a web-based, community-driven, model configuration and testing portal that provides tools in computational thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Several types of calculations can be performed online at the ENKI JupyterHub server, with no need to install anything on your computer! There is also the GitLab ENKI code and documentation repository. Read more on the ENKI User Projects page to see how alphaMELTS and other MAGMA@Caltech tools fit in with the ENKI project.

The MCS logo Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS) is a thermodynamic model for computing the open system evolution of a magma body as it cools and crystallizes. MCS is developed by Wendy Bohrson, Frank Spera and coworkers and uses a MELTS engine, coupled to an Excel-based 'brain' (IGOR), to track phase equilibria, trace element and isotopic concentrations. Complex scenarios, including thermal and reactive interaction with wallrock, and magma replenishment, can be handled in a self-consistent manner.

PhasePlot logo PhasePlot is a computational thermodynamics software package that allows rapid visualization of equilibrium phase relations in complex multicomponent systems. It uses the rhyolite-MELTS / pMELTS engine and is available for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later from the Mac App Store

MagmaSat logo MagmaSat is a calculator that determines the saturation conditions for a mixed H2O-CO2 fluid in natural composition silicate liquids. It is available for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later; a version for iPad is also available from the Mac App Store

The Supplemental Calculator logo Phase Properties calculator (a.k.a. the MELTS Supplemental calculator) displays the thermodynamic properties of a phase at specified P and T. Composition may be entered as wt % oxides or mole fraction of end members. The CORBA Phase Prop applet is the most up to date version and covers a long list of solid and gaseous phases but only the older forms-based version includes the (MELTS) silicate liquid.


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