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Get older versions of alphaMELTS or MELTS short course materials

Links to older versions of alphaMELTS for each operating system are available to the right. Where appropriate the most recent update has been included in the .zip archive. For example, the version 1.3 packages include the updated executables for v1.3.2. Please choose your operating system from the links and then follow instructions on the alphaMELTS download page for installing the archive package (to reset, click the ARCHIVE tab above). Please see the *README* for a full list of alphaMELTS versions.

Presentations and examples from the MELTS and alphaMELTS workshops that we have held over the last few years are available below. The latest versions of the files may have been modified slightly since the last workshop at which they were used e.g. to fix typos or incorporate suggestions. See the relevant Workshop Links page for more details about what the various examples show.

Short format courses (one or two days, held at conferences). Downloadable files include presentations and examples files used in demonstrations: Longer format courses (two to three days, including the virtual format). Downloadable files include presentations and input files used in demonstrations and exercises, together with example output:

The examples files provided for the shorter format courses tend to be used in demonstrations by workshop organizers; for these files all the text-editing has been done for you. The longer format courses involve more hands-on use of the software by workshop participants. For workshops held in 2014 onwards each example folder should contain a README.TXT file that outlines what the exercise involves. Most things have been set in the input files, but where you need to make changes (e.g. to repeat a calculation for slightly different conditions) the README.TXT includes hints about what to do. An older, and more prescriptive, set of instructions for some of the alphaMELTS exercises can be found in a single file by following the MELTS camp exercises link (opens in a separate window); in this version you will have to do almost all of the text-editing yourself.


OS XMac OS X packages including 32-bit and 64-bit updates.
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LinuxLinux packages including updated 32-bit and 64-bit executables.
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Windows + Linux logosWSL packages including installer for with-readline.
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Windows 10 logoWindows packages; earlier versions include 32-bit updates only.
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