MELTS Workshop 2016 Links

Links to all the MELTS software that we will be using, together with sample input files, will be here. Downloading is optional; we ask only that you install VirtualBox on Windows before the workshop.

MAGMA logo: a volcano with a fire fountain based on the Caltech logo

Presentations from the 2015 MELTS Workshop

Example files from the 2015 MELTS Workshop

These are all the latest versions of the examples. They may have been modified slightly since the last workshop, to fix typos or add new examples. A convenient way to get all the files is to go the workshops GitList server and click the 'ZIP' button. If you want to find the exact files from the Goldschmidt 2015 workshop, please visit the alphaMELTS archive page. A copy of the files from the latest long format workshop (Rice University, 24th - 25th March, 2015) with updates to fix typos etc. was on the thumbdrives at the workshop and can also be obtained from the GitList server / alphaMELTS archive site.

Some compositions are common to all the MELTS programs, though the input formats differ slightly. Other examples are tailored to a particular front-end. The files have Mac/Linux line endings; these will generally work fine for Windows too and, if not, you can run file_format.command on them.

MacOS software for the MELTS Workshop

Linux software for the MELTS Workshop

Windows software for the MELTS Workshop