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The current version is 1.9 posted on August 30th, 2018

α alphaMELTS software is available in compiled executable form, for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Supplementary updates of the alphamelts executable, without the ancillary files, are provided for bug-fixes and new features. A lightweight Linux VirtualBox installation of alphaMELTS provides an alternative to activating the 'Windows Subsystem for Linux' or installing the Perl program on Windows. See the list of pros and cons if you are trying to choose between WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) alphaMELTS, VM (virtual machine) alphaMELTS and the native Windows version.

Click the button to download the compressed disk image (requires javascript). The following software is preinstalled in VM alphaMELTS 1.9:The button will download the 32-bit version. An alternative download link is available for the 32-bit version (please log in!), and for the 64-bit version (please log in!). Please see the *README* for a package file list, a list of changes since previous alphaMELTS versions, and checksums for downloads. To reset this page and display the WSL and VM alphaMELTS pros and cons, click the DOWNLOAD tab above.

VM alphaMELTS has its own installation process that is not included in the main documentation. Once completed, please read the Welcome to VM alphaMELTS forum post. The Linux and VM alphaMELTS board has topics that may help getting started with VirutalBox and/or Lubuntu.

This will be the last version of VM alphaMELTS posted. If you have previously installed VM alphaMELTS, we recommend you replace the entire virtual machine with the latest VM alphaMELTS version (based on Lubutnu 18.04). Support for alphaMELTS (and rhyolite-MELTS) will be 64-bit only from now on; Linux updates can be applied within the virutal machine (see below).

Before installing VM alphaMELTS for the first time: To install VM alphaMELTS for the first time: To update the VM alphaMELTS installation to the latest (final) version: To update the VM alphaMELTS components individually:

Consult the documentation (please right-click and choose 'Save As...' or similar) to get the alphaMELTS software running correctly, including the sections on 'Setting up alphaMELTS', 'Bugs and Fixes', and 'What to do if (pH)MELTS misbehaves' (opens in a separate window). Also check the Errata and bug fixes section of the alphaMELTS support page for any temporary problems and workarounds (last updated July 4th, 2020).

Note: the alphaMELTS GitList server contains the very latest versions of the scripts and example files for alphaMELTS. Some of these files may be under development and will not necessarily work correctly with the publicly available alphamelts executable. When minor bug fixes are made to scripts or example files, between alphaMELTS releases, a link to the appropriately dated GitList version of the file(s) will be given on the alphaMELTS support page.


OS X logoMac OS X alphaMELTS is available for Intel processors only. Admin privileges are not required. The alphaMELTS 1.9 executable was built using the MacOS 10.8 (El Capitan) SDK and alphaMELTS 2 exetable was built using the MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) SDK.

Linux logoLinux alphaMELTS 1.9 executables were built on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the alphaMELTS 2 executable was built on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. They should run on other systems but if not please let us know, including the OS version and the output of 'gcc -v'.

Windows + Ubuntu logosWSL alphaMELTS is the recommended way to use alphaMELTS 1.X on 64-bit Windows 10 (as of v1.8), as the Linux installation includes Perl etc. WSL does require admin access for initial set up but not for updating alphaMELTS. For alphaMELTS 2 either WSL or native Windows are good options.

Windows 10 logoWindows alphaMELTS is supported on 64-bit Windows 10 only (versions for Windows 7 and/or 32-bit are available in the alphaMELTS archive). alphaMELTS mostly requires the Perl program to be installed; in version 2 it is not necessary but helpful. MATLAB contains a small Perl installation, or Perl can easily be installed via Anaconda. Otherwise, for users without admin access we recommend the portable version of Strawberry Perl 🍓

VirtualBox logoVM alphaMELTS is a lightweight Linux (64-bit and 32-bit Lubuntu) installation. It comes with the latest versions of alphaMELTS 1.9, alphaMELTS 2 (beta), and rhyolite-MELTS pre-installed. Users will need the VirtualBox program (preferably version 5.2.34 or later), which requires admin privileges for installation.


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