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Please read this first!

Started by Paula, December 06, 2006, 05:55:25 PM

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Welcome to the users' forum for MELTS, pMELTS and pHMELTS! It was started in response to a request that users have a means to exchange experiences, tips, perhaps even files and add-ons for the alphaMELTS software package (then called Adiabat_1ph) but has since broadened in scope to include the Rhyolite-MELTS graphical user interfaces developed by Mark Ghiorso. You can get news on the latest versions of the alphaMELTS software, report problems and suggest new features. If you register, your account provides a unified login for access to all MAGMA pages and links, including the alphaMELTS download site. alphaMELTS users are welcome to use multiple versions of the software with the same forum account and / or distribute it others who do not have accounts.

You must be registered and logged in to post a message on this forum. We strongly encourage you to register and help to build up a community of MELTS users, even if you do not intend to download alphaMELTS or post anything on the forum. You are welcome to browse the forum topics as a guest, though the searchable list of members and notification of software releases are available only to registered members. Naturally, you are very welcome to e-mail us directly for technical support, if you prefer (see the alphaMELTS About us page for more details).

We ask that you register using an e-mail address from your academic institution if possible, e.g. one ending in .edu or or including a recognisable university domain name. If you are having trouble registering then try deleting the cookie.  If you get a message including something like "The admin must approve your registration" then see here.

You will not be able to register automatically using email addresses from domains used frequently by spammers or harvesters. That includes all e-mail addresses ending in .com, .net, .org and, as well as addresses from other problematic domains (some .cn, .eu, and .in; all .ru, .pl and .tk). If you do not have an e-mail address that works for the automatic registration process then please send an e-mail to the forum admin (forum AT magmasource DOT caltech DOT edu), including your choice of username, and we'll set up your forum account manually. There are no restrictions on e-mail addresses for manual registration.

After submitting the registration form you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. Once your account has been activated you are welcome to log in and change the e-mail address on your profile to any valid account, such as one provided by Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo. If you think you have missed the activation e-mail, please check that you typed your e-mail address correctly by following the activation e-mail link, or just try registering again. Accounts that are not activated after a reasonable amount of time will be removed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the registration policy but hope that you will understand. More than 350000 unauthorized attempts to access the forum have been blocked so far!!

Once you are registered, you can access your forum settings whenever you are logged in by clicking the 'Profile' button. If you are concerned about privacy then you may choose to hide your e-mail address, even from registered members, and you may use an alias; just click on the 'Account Settings' link under 'Modify Profile'. If you wish to opt out of receiving e-mail announcements from us, including notification of software releases, then follow the 'Notifications' link under 'Modify Profile' and uncheck the first box. You can also choose whether to be notified, for example when someone replies to one of your posts, in the 'Notifications' page.

Please browse the categories and boards and try to choose the most appropriate one for your post. Note that many issues are common to all versions of MELTS so some of the older, Adiabat_1ph-specific, posts will still be of use to alphaMELTS and MELTS GUI users. It's also possible that your query has been answered on the MELTS Facebook page. Please note that if you are having problems with running one of the MELTS programs then the likelihood of getting a satisfactory answer will be increased if you describe the calculation being attempted in some detail. Useful information for alphaMELTS includes, but is not limited to: what you typed at the terminal command line and alphamelts menu prompt and what messages or output you got, if any. Similarly for the MELTS GUIs please list what actions you took and any feedback from the program.

Paula Antoshechkina (also answers to Smith!) and Paul Asimow, with thanks to Mark Ghiorso


Please note that, as of May 16th, 2023, the forum Personal Messages have been retired. You should be able to see your past messages, if needed, but not send new ones. You are always welcome to contact me by email instead - just click the envelope icon on my profile when you are logged into the forum, or use the "contact" link at the bottom of the alphaMELTS 1.9 pages. See the footer on the homepage for more details.