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The people behind alphaMELTS and the rest of the MELTS family

α alphaMELTS is developed and maintained by Paula Antoshechkina and Paul Asimow at Caltech. The alphaMELTS front-end is a fork of the MELTS software hosted at OFM Research and has benefited from regular source code updates from Mark Ghiorso over the years. The alphaMELTS program includes a number of features not available in the graphical user interfaces (GUI), including the pHMELTS algorithm. The flowchart below is a summary of the current whos, wheres and whats.

The pHMELTS model (A2004) as implemented in alphaMELTS 1.X is based on the MELTS (GS1995) and pMELTS (G2002) algorithms. Rhyolite-MELTS (G2012) includes a modified version of the MELTS calibration, which gives more realistic results for hydrous, silicic magmas (Gualda et al., 2012), and an optional mixed H2O-CO2 fluid model (Ghiorso & Gualda, 2015). Rhyolite-MELTS behaves identically to MELTS when quartz and alkali-feldspar are absent; see the MELTS decision tree and explanation of rhyolite-MELTS versions. Various improvements to the core algorithms in rhyolite-MELTS increase the stability of all calculations, including pMELTS ones (see Ghiorso, 2013). The pHMELTS model being implemented in alphaMELTS 2 is based on Rhyolite-MELTS and pMELTS, with a pMELTS+CO2 model under development (see the alphaMELTS 2 page for more details).

Flowchart lists the MELTS-based tools and models maintained and developed at OFM Research and / or Caltech

Most of the MELTS-related development at Caltech has been carried out in parallel with Mark Ghiorso at OFM Research / ENKI, but it has included two formal collaborations:


Photo of Paula AntoshechkinaPaula Antoshechkina (née Smith) is an Associate Research Scientist at Caltech. She is responsible for most of the alphaMELTS front-end, forum and website. At the moment she is focused on the the development described in the VERSION 2 tab above, and adding CO2 to the pMELTS model. She is part of the Magma Chamber Simulator group (see the LINKS tab) and also working with ENKI (see below); her other research interests are described elsewhere on the MAGMA website.

Photo of Paul AsimowPaul Asimow is Professor of Geology and Geochemistry at Caltech. He developed pHMELTS and many of the tools since incorporated into alphaMELTS. He is PhD advisor to Caltech grad students working on the pMELTS+CO2 model, and amphibole calibration. He is also involved in shock-wave experiments and theoretical calculations on silicate liquid and minerals.

Photo of Mark GhiorsoMark Ghiorso is the Vice-President of and Senior Research Associate at OFM Research. As well as ENKI (see below) and xMELTS-related development, his current areas of work include modeling H2O-CO2 fluids, thermodynamics of hydrous silicic systems and visualization of equilibrium phase relations.

ENKI logo ENKI is a web-based, community-driven, model configuration and testing portal that provides tools in computational thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Several types of calculations can be performed online on the ENKI Cloud Server, with no need to install anything on your computer! There is also the GitLab ENKI code and documentation repository. Read more on the ENKI User Projects page for a (somewhat out of date) description of how alphaMELTS and other MAGMA@Caltech tools fit in with the ENKI project.


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