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Forum banned users list

Started by Paula, August 29, 2007, 12:43:52 PM

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New as of May 16th, 2023: the forum and Stop Forum Spam mod have been updated and the list of email addresses that require manual registration has been simplified and broadened. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you do not have an e-mail address that works for the automatic registration process you are welcome to send an e-mail to the forum admin (forum AT magmasource DOT caltech DOT edu), including your choice of username, though please allow for the time difference.

New as of October 5th, 2015: the forum admin can be reached at " forum AT magmasource DOT caltech DOT edu ". If you get a message including something like "The admin must approve your registration" then some of your details (e.g. chosen username or IP address) matched those of a known spammer, as described below. Sending an e-mail to verify that you a human / geologist will generally speed up admin approval but please also allow for the time difference - it may be the middle of the night here ;-)

New as of September 24th, 2010: those registered users that we believe to be spammers or harvesters and who have been banned for some time, without objecting, have now been deleted. If this was a mistake, please let us know so we can rectify it. We are no longer maintaining the list of spammers...

Users who have actually posted spam on the forum have been banned and deleted. We do enforce a one-strike-and-you're-out policy here. We have no known cases of spam being sent as personal messages but if you do experience this problem then please report the member responsible. Please note that there may be a small delay before we act after such incidents so we apologise should any messages cause offense. Thank you for your cooperation.

Other users are banned if their details appear in the Stop Forum Spam database or if they are otherwise suspicious. The list of banned users is available on request. If you are a legitimate user that we have banned in error then we apologise. Please let us know and we will gladly reinstate you. Similarly, if you are unable to register because some of your details, e.g. chosen username or IP address, match those of a banned user then we will try to fix the problem (see here for more details).

Some users have been banned and deleted because they include website links in their profiles that are tantamount to spam, even though they did not post on a (publicly visible) board. The profile of such an individual can be browsed until he / she / it is banned so, in the mean time, we recommend you do not follow any off-topic and potentially malicious links. If you are a genuine MELTS user then you are welcome to link to your page in a .edu or .ac.* or similar domain. If you also happen to be a keen golfer in your spare time, say, and need to share this information with the geological community then we may allow you to link to a personal page ;-)