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Melts Calculations Slowing down

Started by aprajitmahajan, July 26, 2022, 05:19:47 AM

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I'm trying to run melts on a table_file with around 1300 entries. It's generating the right auto_batch file and corresponding melts files.

When it comes to running melts on the compositions, it initially melts a composition every 7-8s which is what I expected since that's how long it takes when an individual melts file is run. However, after a while the processing speed drops drastically and the program takes close to 3-4min to run a single composition. Is there a fix to do it faster? What is the possible reason for it becoming so slow?

I'm saving all the outputs in the same file using the save_all command in the settings file.

Thank you for the help,
Aprajit :)


Do you have ALPHAMELTS_QUICK_OUTPUT set? If not, then see if setting it helps.

If you already have that variable set, then the best I can suggest is to break the calculation up into smaller chunks and then concatenate the output.



Dear Paula,
That worked, thank you!!

Best wishes,