Author Topic: Results of Adiabat_1ph 2 and 3 polls (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows).  (Read 290722 times)


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Thanks to those that voted. Here are the results:

  • There is still enough interest in Adiabat_1ph 2 that we will continue to support that for the time being.
  • There were no PowerPC users' votes for Adiabat_1ph 2 or 3. So, as of the first release of alphaMELTS (version 1.2), we are withdrawing support for PowerPC Macs.
  • We will continue to release binaries that should work on Intel Macs running Tiger (10.4) or later. Please note, however, that Apple's licensing rules mean that we cannot easily access machines running Tiger or Leopard (10.5), so all testing will take place on Snow Leopard (10.6) or Lion (10.7).
  • We will continue to supprt 32-bit and 64-bit Linux platforms. We mostly use Ubuntu but have access to Fedora etc. for testing purposes.
  • Adiabat_1ph is being actively used on Windows 7 and XP, but not Vista. Although the released executables should work on Vista we will not be testing on it anymore.

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