Author Topic: March 1st, 2012: alphaMELTS 1.2 (and Adiabat_1ph 3.2)  (Read 79370 times)


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March 1st, 2012: alphaMELTS 1.2 (and Adiabat_1ph 3.2)
« on: March 06, 2012, 03:28:30 pm »
alphaMELTS version 1.2 was posted on March 1st, 2012.

alphaMELTS is the new name for Adiabat_1ph 3 (version 1.X of alphaMELTS is equivalent to version 3.X of Adiabat_1ph). alphaMELTS is available from the new download site, The old download site,, will be used for Adiabat_1ph releases up to and including Adiabat_1ph 3.2.

As well as the name change, alphaMELTS 1.2 includes tweaks to the output for the Amoeba routine (e.g. chi square was not printing to file correctly before) and a couple of minor bug fixes in the scripts. Converting Adiabat_1ph 3 input files for use in alphaMELTS is easy (simply replace the 'ADIABAT' part of each environment variable with 'ALPHAMELTS'). Nevertheless, for convenience we have posted a last version of Adiabat_1ph (3.2) with the same bug fixes etc. as alphaMELTS 1.2. Adiabat_1ph 3.2 will also be the last release to officially support PowerPC Macs. As promised, we will continue to release bug fixes for Adiabat_1ph 2 for the time being but none of the most recent edits applied to Adiabat_1ph 2.

We have yet to migrate some forum posts and exercises to alphaMELTS. In the meantime, if you replace 'Adiabat_1ph' with 'alphaMELTS' (the software package, including the scripts), 'run_adiabat.command' with 'run_alphamelts.command', and 'adiabat_1ph' with 'alphamelts' (the compiled Mac/Win/Linux executable) it should mostly work. Thank-you for your patience.

We are also in the process of some rearrangement within the MAGMA website, though this is mostly finished. We have automatic notification of broken links set up now but if you encounter some other kind of problem with any of the pages, please let us know. There is also a custom search to help locate missing pages or other pages of interest (although please note that it takes several days for new pages to be indexed in Google).


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