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Notes for users of VM alphaMELTS 1.3.X (Lubuntu 12.04)

Started by Paula, July 19, 2014, 01:10:41 PM

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The download instructions and Welcome to VM alphaMELTS message have been updated to alphaMELTS 1.4 (Lubuntu 14.04). For anyone using an older version of the virtual machine, here is a list of slight differences you may encounter:

The rhyolite-MELTS executable is in the user's home space (rather than in a folder called 'MELTS'). alphaMELTS is located within a folder called alphaMELTS, also in the user's home space, together with copies of the examples and tutorial files. Copies of the alphaMELTS links for double-click mode are in a folder called 'alphaMELTS links', on the Desktop.

The default desktop includes a link to Catfish, which is not required in later versions of Lubuntu as a search tool has been added to the file manager. The browser is Chromium, an open source version of Google Chrome, rather than Firefox. To keep Lubuntu up to date with security patches etc. use the 'Update Manager'; press the button to check, as it does not do so automatically.

To update rhyolite-MELTS, download the new 32-bit file from the UNIX Download site. Unzip and use it to replace the file in your homespace. Open a Terminal and type 'cd bin', followed by 'ln -sf ../new-rhyolite-MELTS-filename Melts-rhyolite'. This will ensure that the Desktop link works and that the updated rhyolite-MELTS is available in the user's path.