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Cannot resize MELTS for Excel graphs (including Combine tbl)

Started by Paula, July 12, 2020, 07:30:26 PM

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This can occur for regular MELTS for Excel runs, or for the Combine tbl function on Windows. I don't know of it happening for Combine tbl on Mac (and I don't have a good way to test if it while working from home)...

The problem: A graph generated by MELTS for Excel is tiny, and dragging on the corners does not resize it. Zooming in increases text size but does not fix the graph layout.

The solution: Go to File->Print and choose a different printer e.g. the built-in "Microsoft Print to PDF" or any with a normal US letter or A4 page size. It turns out that Excel defaults to the page layout of the last connected printer. For my Windows laptop that's a label maker, so the page is half an inch tall!

Fore more details, see: