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Integration of melt formation and migration into mantle flow models. Includes a coupled scheme that uses a modified alphaMELTS interface and proposed future work using libalphaMELTS.

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Thermodynamics of mantle systems

This page is based on a presentation given at the CIG Workshop on 'Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Solid Earth Geosciences', in 2008. It features the Geodynamic and Petrological Systhsis Model (GyPSM) from Hebert et al. (2009a;b) and describes work proposed in the context of the 'Magma Migration Working Group' of the 'Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics' (CIG). GyPSM couples modified versions of the pHMELTS petrological model / alphaMELTS interface (Asimow et al., 2004; Smith & Asimow, 2005) and ConMan, a 2-D thermal and viscosity flow model (King et al., 1990), to describe the process of hydration of the mantle wedge adjacent to the slab, which leads to the development of a low-viscosity channel. See the links tab for more information.