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Comma problem!

Started by jzefonseca, February 25, 2015, 03:55:48 AM

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Hey there!

I would like to ask for some help once I found nothing similar to my problem here in the forum or elsewhere.
I installed MELTS for Ubuntu after dual booting my pc with Windows and Linux. After installing rhyoliteMELTS (which works also as pMELTS right?) I found my first problem. writing up the bulk composition I wanted to use, I found that the program don't recognize decimal numbers  written like "1.2" and doesn't allow me to write ","instead. To write the complete value, lets take "1.2" as an example, I have to write "1", enter, and then turn back to the former box which as written "1,0000", delete those "0" and type my value "1,200". It's not a major problem.
The bigger problem is that when I read the output file ".tbl" using excel or openoffice, choosing to read the file by separating the values between comas, I get a table with 20 variables (e.g. wt% SiO2, Wt% TiO2") and 40 correspondent values (e.g. 49, 56845, 2, 12458), which makes it impossible to use unless I spend my time only changing from "," to "." in the original output file.
Do you guys have any idea how to deal with this problem? I could not find any preferences menu or way to change it in the software.

Looking forward to reading a positive answer!
Thanks for the attention,
Jose Fonseca


Hey again!

first of all, where you read "coma" I meant "comma"! Sorry for the misunderstood, everything is ok here :)
second, I solved the problem! It's about changing language settings on the OS configurations. Turned the keyboard and text entry from Portughese to English and that's it!

Hope I could help others with the same problem!
Best regards,


Hi Jose,

Glad you fixed the input problem. Thank-you for taking the time to post the solution for others.

Yes, the rhyolite-MELTS GUI will also work for pMELTS (and it has algorithmic improvements for detection of phase saturation that work with both the rhyolite-MELTS and pMELTS models).

Best wishes,