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Software tools, support and development / Re: MELTS on Mojave
« Last post by Paula on December 15, 2018, 05:11:00 pm »
Yes, it can work on Mojave. What version of Xquartz do you have?

Software tools, support and development / MELTS on Mojave
« Last post by esmrln on December 11, 2018, 04:04:50 pm »
Is MELTS able to run on the new Mac OS Mojave yet? I can load the exec but I get an error in terminal "Error: Can't open display   :0" and then it logs out.

Any help would be much appreciated. 


alphaMELTS / Partial melting
« Last post by HaranHennig on December 10, 2018, 07:42:06 am »
Hi Paula/Paul,
 I have a chemical analysis of Spinel-Hertzburgite Xenolite which i would like to partial-melt at ~9 Kbar and approx. 1200 c  , to see which % melting could be my parental melt for the field assemblage.
the P/T was determined previously using melt inclusions.
The problem:
at those conditions, if i just enter the *.melts file and using the manu "option 3" the program gives a ~3.5% melt which is ultra-low on silica(22%).
I would expect to form at least 40% silica in a 3.5% partial melt liquid or even higher than that, without getting to 20+% partial melting which is unreasonable for me.

file used:
Title:Xenolite smp. BH-16-G Hertzburgite
Initial Composition: SiO2 44.06
Initial Composition: TiO2 0.055
Initial Composition: Al2O3 1.15
Initial Composition: Fe2O3 1.49
Initial Composition: FeO 9.18
Initial Composition: MnO 0.165
Initial Composition: MgO 42.72
Initial Composition: CaO 1.48
Initial Composition: Na2O 0.19
Initial Composition: K2O 0.04
Initial Composition: P2O5 0.03
Initial Temperature: 1200.00
Initial Pressure: 9000.00
Log fO2 Path: none

and the results:
Initial alphaMELTS calculation at: P 9000.000000, T 1200.000000
liquid: 3.410 g 22.07 0.28 0.40 33.31 35.82 0.01 4.19 0.22 3.63 0.01 0.06
Activity of H2O = 0  Melt fraction = 0.0339143
olivine: 70.503555 g, composition (Ca0.00Mg0.90Fe''0.10Mn0.00Co0.00Ni0.00)2SiO4
orthopyroxene: 21.148919 g, composition opx Na0.01Ca0.05Fe''0.17Mg1.68Fe'''0.03Ti0.00Al0.15Si1.91O6
clinopyroxene: 5.241394 g, composition cpx Na0.06Ca0.72Fe''0.10Mg0.93Fe'''0.06Ti0.01Al0.26Si1.86O6
leucite: 0.194745 g, composition K0.94Na0.06AlSi2O6.00(OH)0.00
whitlockite: 0.061 g, composition Ca3(PO4)2

AM i doing it right? or is it another way of approaching this kind of calculation?
thank you,
Scientific discussion / Trondhjemite petrogenesis modeling by using RhyoliteMelts
« Last post by yanweiyao on November 28, 2018, 08:56:09 am »
Now I am using RhyoliteMelts program to simulate the petrogenesis of plagiogranite, particularly of trondhjemite. However, I never obtained the exact trondhjemitic melts composition (SiO2 > 63% while K2O <1%) and the phases crystallized do not match our field data.

For my modeling, I used basaltic melts (low K, 0.1 to 0.2 wt.%) as starting materials and set up changing temperature (1300℃ to 600℃) but constant pressure (I tried both 2 kb and 0.7 kb) with various water content (0 to 3 wt.%) and oxygen fugacity (QFM -1 to 3).

For the modeling results which should mimic the real data, we predict that we should have quartz as the cumulate phase at relatively late stage (e.g. SiO2 reaches around 60 wt.% and after), since the parent basalt should evolve from diorite, quartz diorite to trondhjemite. However, the problem is we never have any quartz until all the remaining liquid disappeared, which means that for the evolving process, no intermediate composition, such as quartz diorite, is obtained. Also, in our modeling, the K keeps increasing to extremely high value (~6 wt.%) while in plagiogranite, it should be less than 0.7 wt.%.

So we are wondering if there is anything wrong with our modeling? Or can this program be used for simulating the plagiogranite petrogenesis and include plagiogranite data in your database? We will really appreciate if you can give us some suggestions.


alphaMELTS / Re: table files with Amoeba
« Last post by HaranHennig on November 28, 2018, 05:38:59 am »
Hi Fede,
I think i had the same problem running multiple liquids.
the solution was in the files format.
try to name your files 1.tar.melts  2.tar.melts etc.
and then use the wildcard in the input line : ?.tar.melts

it worked for me with 4 liquid compositions.
alphaMELTS / Re: table files with Amoeba
« Last post by Paula on October 19, 2018, 10:05:32 am »
Hi Fede,

Interesting... I noticed that when the email notification of your previous forum post came through on my phone, there was some funny formatting in the table file bit. It looks fine when I browse on the computer, but there may be some hidden characters in there. I hope you manage to solve it.


P.S. You are right - I disabled attachments because they are a bit of a hassle, from this end.
alphaMELTS / Re: table files with Amoeba
« Last post by fmartina on October 19, 2018, 08:17:29 am »
Hi Paula.
I got Alphamelts to generate multiple .melts files from the FAZAR table.txt file hosted on the workshops webpage. So I think the problem is in the format of my table. I'll keep trying to solve it. Thank you for your assistance.
alphaMELTS / Re: table files with Amoeba
« Last post by fmartina on October 18, 2018, 01:34:38 pm »
I run alphamelts with both the .csv and .melts files closed and it still does not work. Just in case, pasted below is a short version of my table.
PS I was not able to attach the table file  :(
Sample    SiO2    TiO2    Al2O3    Fe2O3    MnO    MgO    CaO    Na2O    K2O    P2O5    H2O
LP29    46.78    1.41    14.07    12.93    0.19    4.95    11.4    1.7    4.44    0.95    0.1
LP32    53.38    1.05    17.89    7.67    0.24    1.98    7.47    4.99    2.83    0.5    0.1
LP10    59.1    0.64    19.18    3.91    0.09    0.6    0.9    3.72    8.46    0.18    0.1
MDZA02    41.04    1.43    12.5    13.24    0.23    4.74    10.96    1.64    5.3    0.95    0.1
alphaMELTS / Re: table files with Amoeba
« Last post by Paula on October 18, 2018, 08:30:55 am »
Oh I meant perhaps you could show the table. It seems the problem is happening before alphamelts.exe starts. The .melts files are either not being generated or they are but are not ending up where we expect. I assume you've tried searching for them in Windows Explorer (or whatever it's called these days).

Actually one thing to check - on Windows you need to make sure that no other programs have either the table_file or the template .melts file open. I would have expected it to give a warning though.


alphaMELTS / Re: table files with Amoeba
« Last post by fmartina on October 17, 2018, 09:26:44 am »
I followed your suggestions and renamed the files and the output folder but the SILMIN input error is still there. I also tried changing the folder location to make it more accessible. The table I am using has a sample for each row and the major oxides are listed in the header of the columns.

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