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Can't make MELTS for excel file work

Started by ostolea, January 13, 2022, 07:30:50 AM

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Dear all,

A message about a run problem on Melts for Excel.
I have downloaded the Excel file available on the website ("MELTS_Excel-2020Dec16.xlsm") but after activating the formulae and macros in the file, there's an error message about links with other files that are broken. The Excel file is linked to another file called: MELTS_Excel-2018Dec28.xlsm which appears to be stored in C:\Users\gualdaga\Dropbox\Files\Melts\Excel_MELTS but it can't find it. Does this file still on the server?
As it cannot find this file, I can't make the MELTS for Excel work: whenever I try to put the bulk rock composition in the Input sheet and click on options as "Equilibrate", I get an error message "'runtime error '-2147012867 (8Q07efd)' Impossible to establish a connection with the server".
As I've read that, sometimes, the server is busy, I tried to do it again on the next day but I still can't make the Excel work so I'm turning to you.
Did you appear to have this problem too?

Thank you very much in advance.


Léa Ostorero


Hi Léa,

For the broken link, you can just click "Continue". The server error is a separate problem - I've received multiple reports of users not being able to connect this week. I've reproduced it on the Dec 2020 file, and also on an older version of MELTS for Excel that doesn't have the broken link problem. I've sent a message to Mark Ghiorso and will get back to you once I know more.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi Léa,

It's working now. If you select "Don't Update" for the broken link it will be fine.



Dear Paula,

Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for your answers.
I tried to redo it by clicking on "Don't update" but I still get an error "the server returned no results, giving up."

I will try to re-download the file using another browser.

Best regards,



Hi Lea,

There are some suggestions here (though it sounds like you may have already looked at that):,827.0.html

Mark Ghiorso says the server is on its last legs and not reliable. A new server / MELTS for Excel version will be available at some point but it is still being tested at the moment.

Best wishes,