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Fix for keyboard problems with rhyolite-MELTS

Started by Paula, September 06, 2012, 05:19:21 PM

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On some systems rhyolite-MELTS 1.0.1 will not respond to keystrokes. A file called XKeysymDB that was present on the system used to build it (Ubuntu 10.04LTS) has been deprecated and removed in several later Linux distributions, both Debian-based and Fedora.

A workaround is given below. I have modified the instructions from original post (which you can see at and also added alternative instructions for those that do not have sudo privileges.

At the Terminal command line type 'locate XKeysymDB'. If you already have the file on your system then you can skip straight to the * below. Otherwise, download the XKeysymDB.tar.gz file from

If you do not have sudo privileges then, at the Terminal, navigate to the downloads location and type:

Quotetar xvfz XKeysymDB.tar.gz
chmod 644 XKeysymDB
mkdir path_to_folder
mv XKeysymDB path_to_folder

... where path_to_folder is a folder within your home space.

Then, either type the following lines at the command line or, better, add them to .profile or .bash_profile (see this post if you are not familiar with these files):


If you have sudo privileges then, at the Terminal, navigate to the downloads location and type:

tar xvfz XKeysymDB.tar.gz
sudo chown root:root XKeysymDB
sudo chmod 644 XKeysymDB
sudo mv XKeysymDB /usr/share/X11

*Programs like Matlab and NX install their own copies of XKeysymDB. So if 'locate XKeysymDB' returns any results then you can do 'sudo cp xkeysymdb_file /usr/share/X11' where xkeyxymdb_file is one of those results. Of if you do not have sudo privileges then set up the environment variable as above, replacing 'path_to_folder/XKeysymDB' with xkeyxymdb_file.

We will make sure the next release does not have this problem but hope that helps in the meantime.