Author Topic: June 13th, 2007: Adiabat_1ph version 1.8 and update 1.8.1  (Read 619327 times)


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June 13th, 2007: Adiabat_1ph version 1.8 and update 1.8.1
« on: June 13, 2007, 03:54:43 pm »
Version 1.8 was posted on May 25th

In version 1.8 there are several improvements and bug fixes to both the program and the scripts. These include more robust fO2-buffered calculations and a workaround for problems with phase metastability (both in response to this topic) and the ability to selectively fractionate instances of a phase, such as feldspar or pyroxene, that has undergone exsolution (as requested in this topic). There are new input and output capabilities, such as using a table_file to automatically produce multiple melts_files and easy generation of tab, comma or space delimited output tailored for ExcelTM or MatlabTM use.  Also, several of the menu options have been made more flexible and / or reliable.

Update 1.8.1, which was posted on June 13th, mainly corrects the version number within the Adiabat_1ph program (which, as a user pointed out, was stuck on '1.7.2') but also tweaks the Source Mixer function to make it more reliable.

For more information, please see the Adiabat_1ph documentation and *README*.

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