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It's MELTS compatible with Windows 10?

Started by andreea.rares, June 10, 2015, 01:57:12 AM

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Hello Paula, hello MELTS forum,

I want to upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview, and I'm wondering if I could run MELTS on this operating system. Have anyone tried to run METLS on Windows 10? I don't want to waste time and sweat to realize that it's not running.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Andreea,

Which MELTS are you trying to run?

For alphaMELTS, I expect the alphamelts.exe executable should be fine. I don't know whether the Perl scripts will run correctly though. When Windows 7 came out we started having problems, which were eventually solved by writing the install script. At the moment, I don't have access to Windows 10 so I will not be able to check whether things are working or to fix them if they are not.

There will be a beta of alphaMELTS 2, which does not require Perl, available soon. The beta will be missing some features of alphaMELTS 1.X at first e.g. no trace elements. It may be good enough, depending what calculations you want to do. Might be just Mac and Linux initially - I need to do some testing on Windows first but will get the Windows version out as soon as I can.

For the virtual machine version, I am working on a 64-bit version for alphaMELTS 1.5 when it is released. That should work better than the current 32-bit one on Windows 8, apparently. I'm guessing the same applies to Windows 10. Should be available in a few weeks time.

Hope that helps a bit. If anyone has tries Windows 10 then please let us know how you get on!