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VirtualBox installation problems on Mac (High Sierra onwards)

Started by Paula, July 07, 2020, 04:39:25 PM

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This problem came up quite a long time ago, but apparently can still occur on Catalina. If VirtualBox installation fails, or if you cannot open VirtualBox after installation, then have a look at this thread (includes screenshots):

A few extra notes:

  • The "Allow" button only stays for 30 mins after attempted open, so attempt to open VirtualBox again if needed to get it back
  • The "Allow" button should be there, even if you don't get a message to go to Security & Privacy (at best you only get the message the first time...)
  • make sure to eject the VirtualBox installer .dmg before looking for the "Allow" button, else it may not work
  • it may take a couple of goes and/or a reboot inbetween; you may even need to reinstall VirtualBox after clicking "Allow"