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Tools for processing Rhyolite-MELTS GUI output (melts.out and .tbl files)

Started by Paula, December 05, 2017, 04:10:14 PM

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Combine tbl

MELTS for Excel has a "Combine tbl" function on the Tools tab that can be used to import text files output by the Rhyolite-MELTS GUI, and automatically create tables and plots similar to those generated by full MELTS for Excel calculations. This "Combine tbl" function is available offline, and is an excellent way to quickly browse the results of GUI calculations (particularly those involving assimilation or fractionation, which cannot be modeled in MELTS_Excel). When alphaMELTS 2 is released properly, there will be an option to write GUI-style output files that can be imported with this tool.

A pared-down version of MELTS_Excel contains only the 'Combine tbl' function, but can work on all versions of Excel, Windows or Mac is available on the alphaMELTS links page. You need to be logged into your forum account to see the link. After downloading, just double-click to extract the Excel file from the .zip archive. Minor differences between the original 'Combine tbl' and this one are documented in the file.

Thanks to Guil Gualda for allowing me to hack the MELTS_Excel Visual Basic code.


Another useful tool for parsing the 'melts.out' file from the rhyolite-MELTS GUI is the Meltsout program. A 64-bit Linux executable, built on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, is included in the GitList repository. This executable can be used on the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which does not have gcc installed by default. On other Linux systems and MacOS, Meltsout can be simply built by copying and pasting the command given in the README.TXT file:
gcc *.c -o meltsout
Use the ZIP or TAR button to download all the files, including the executable. As of November 30th, 2017, the VirtualBox Linux installation available on the alphaMELTS download page comes with Meltsout pre-loaded.

Thanks to jesnow for providing the source code, README, and 32-bit Linux executable (built on Gentoo).