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The original 'MELTS' software program was a graphical user interface (GUI) for calculations using the MELTS thermodynamic model (Ghiorso & Sack, 1995), and later also the pMELTS one (Ghiorso et al., 2002). The GUI, now known as Rhyolite-MELTS, is still available and can be run on Mac, Linux and Windows. Some functionality, in particular the plotting tools, is disabled (see here) and the executables are no longer updated for bugfixes etc. MELTS for Excel and easyMelts are easy-to-use, modern alternatives to the GUI with some plotting capabilities built-in that are still being activiely developed / maintained.

If you are new to the (Rhyolite-)MELTS GUI then we recommend you try easyMelts instead, as it has the same capabilities - plus working plots - in a modern and easy-to-use package. Otherwise, for updated links to the downloadable Rhyolite-MELTS program click the icon in the box to the right. To reset this page and display links to easyMelts, as well helper software and tools click the LINKS tab above.

Also linked here are ways to visualize phase relations and interrogate end-member properties for the MELTS family of models (and others), tools for special calculations, and add-ons that make running alphaMELTS or the Rhyolite-MELTS GUI more convenient. If you are trying to recreate older MELTS calculations, you will need to use alphaMELTS 1.X; otherwise any of the software linked here and/or alphaMELTS 2 will be more robust.

Links to Rhyolite-MELTS GUI software for each system:


The rhyolite-MELTS GUIRhyolite-MELTS GUI is a downloadable program with the same graphical user interface as the older MELTS software. It includes the Rhyolite-MELTS (1.0.2, 1.1.0, 1.2.0) and pMELTS models, and is available as standalone software for Mac and Linux machines. WSL and VM versions can be used on Windows.
easyMelts GUIReset the page for links to easyMelts and related software and tools.

The MCS logo Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS) is a thermodynamic model for computing the open system evolution of a magma body as it cools and crystallizes. MCS runs on Mac or Windows and uses a MELTS engine (Melts-batch, now built at Caltech), coupled to an Excel-based 'brain' (IGOR). Complex EC-RAFC scenarios can be handled in a self-consistent manner, while tracking phase equilibria, trace element and isotopic concentrations.

PhasePlot logo PhasePlot is a computational thermodynamics software package that allows rapid visualization of equilibrium phase relations in complex multicomponent systems. It uses the rhyolite-MELTS / pMELTS engine and is available for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later from the Mac App Store

MagmaSat logo MagmaSat is a calculator that determines the saturation conditions for a mixed H2O-CO2 fluid in natural composition silicate liquids. It is available for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later; a version for iPad is also available from the Mac App Store

The Supplemental Calculator logo Phase Properties calculator (a.k.a. the MELTS Supplemental calculator) was an online tool that displayed the thermodynamic properties of a phase at specified P and T, with composition entered as wt % oxides or mole fraction of end members. As of 2022, this and other MELTS-related calculators have been replaced with resources on the ENKI Cloud Server (see the About Us tab for more details). Note that alphaMELTS 1.9, and alphaMELTS for MATLAB/Python each have some Supplemental Calculator-like features; coming soon in alphaMELTS 2 too!


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